Ryuuichi Yanagisawa is one of the main characters and a necromancer, belonging to a family which specialises in magic. He is also Garahouji's self-proclaimed rival


He has blonde hair and like the others wears the school uniform, although he can often be seen wearing coats and such over this. When not in school he wears other clothes, varying according to the situation. Ryuuichi is the third tallest in their group, between Shinya and Tadato.




Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • He is able to see and be possessed by Ghosts.
  • He is shown to be good at baking.


Tadato Goraihouji: He views Tadato as a rival and is often trying to beat him at things such as school grades and baking for the school. Like Shinya and Naoki he also seems to be scared of what the president is capable of.



  • He is the only member his family capable of necromancy.
  • He has completely failed every one of his tests so far in the series.

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